What are some of the most popular reasons to install a pool? 

 Some reasons include aesthetics, recreation, entertainment, physical fitness, and improving the overall quality of life. 

Will installing a pool increase my homes value?

 Swimming pools make the home more attractive to the buyer and can increase the value of your home/property. 

How deep does the pool need to be to have a jump board?

 The pool must be at least 7 1/2 feet deep, the length must be approximately 28 feet, and the width needs to be at least 15 feet. 

Why should I use a pool service?

 Many of us simply can not afford the time it takes to maintain a pool on a regular schedule. We do the work and take the time to inspect the pool and the equipment for proper operation. If small parts are needed, they are obtained and installed on the next service date, saving you an inconvenient trip to the pool store. No need to lug home gallons of acid and chlorine and find a place to store them safely when not in use. We are experts, because we maintain pools for a living. Knowing what it takes to obtain the proper water chemistry is what we do daily. We know what to do if we spot an algae bloom. As with most things, consistency is critically important and that is why we come on the same day every week. We notice changes in the water balance and adjust accordingly. 

Why do I need regular weekly pool service and cleaning when my pool stays fairly clean?

During warmer weather with higher swim loads, chlorine is reduced quickly. Regular servicing and maintenance including brushing and vacuuming is required to keep algae at bay. Always remember that when a pool looks clear it does not mean that it is necessarily clean and fit for swimming. Preventative maintenance is always key in your pool. Circulation, filtration and chemistry are your road to success. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured. We will provide proof of insurance upon request. We are required to have Limited Liability Insurance as well as Workers Compensation Disability Insurance.

Do you provide references?

References are available upon request.

Do you offer any estimates or quotes over the phone?

No, we do not offer quotes or estimates over the phone. Every pool is different and every pool is unique. All qualified professionals like Putnam Swimming Pool Service need to access a pool for service or repairs before they do any work. However, we do offer free estimates and look forward to helping you will all your pool needs.

Why can't the service technician clear my pool in one visit?

A pool can't turn green over night, the same is for clearing the pool. Depending on why the pool is not clear it may take a few days. If you have metals and phosphates you have to treat each cause separately. Remember, just because a pool looks clear, that does not mean that it does not need ongoing maintenance and service.Once the pool has been treated for algae or metals stay positive clarity is on it's way. 

I have a salt chlorine generator installed in my pool. Why does it use acid?

Salt chlorine generated pools use sodium hypochloride, which is very high on the Ph scale. Usually 12.5 – 13.5 on a scale of 14. Since pool water needs to be between 7.2 and 7.6 Ph, adding acid o your pool helps maintain the proper Ph levels.


If the pool water is higher than 7.6 the pool becomes alkaline, which causes scaling (very rough and sharp surfaces) and calcification of salt cells. If the pool is below 7. 2, the water can become corrosive and eat metals and the equipment. The proper balance is necessary to maintain the health and fitness of your pool, and the safety of you the swimmer!